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Where Science and Spirit Connect

Could it be possible that the biggest mysteries in the world can be solved not through science or spirituality alone, but through a combination of both?

Since being established, The Curated Spirit has been known for an unparalleled commitment to introducing people to the most revered spiritual teachers and healers from around the globe. It’s this standard of excellence that we wish to now share with you in London. They are utilising the science of epigenetics, neuroplasticity, and quantum physics in their healings and meditations. It's a chance for those who are curious and those who are already more familiar with the spiritual arts or recent scientific discoveries to come together and discover what is now being proved empirically: that there is truly is a third dynamic in our holy trinity. Spirit, our Consciousness.

Spark your curiosity with a weekend of seminars and individual bookable sessions in West London.

1 -2 February 2020

Hosted at:   Slice Urban Fitness

                    11 Heathman's Road

                    London SW6 4TJ




Please contact:


for tickets and further information.



Seminar Sat, 1 Feb 13:30 - 15:30    £35
Seminar Sun, 2 Feb 13:30 -15:30    £35

Followed by bookable sessions held by each speaker. Can be booked following the seminar or in advance.

Julia Moton
Elaine Molloy
Samantha Arditti
Beth Foley



The Curated Spirit procures the best teachers, healers and therapists from around the globe. We gather them together in a unique blend of masterful talents, gifts and skills and bring them to you. From their work in Los Angeles, Sedona, New York, Ireland, South America and the UK, they've come to London for you too to benefit from their expertise.

Julia 1.jpg


Clear Light Healer & Meditations

Julia brings forth a Source Energy Transmission
 which is encoded with what your soul asks for to ascend.
 The Christ and Crystalline Energy coming through Julia will assist with your souls growth and opening of your sacred heart, helping you to step into greater harmony and alignment with your true authentic self, bringing with it profound spiritual, physical, and emotional healing and peace of mind. People call Julia pure of heart, a powerful modern-day healer, embodied angel and alchemist working and anchoring the light here on earth. She has a special gift of opening to the higher realms and transmuting energy instantly. Julia is bringing in the codes of light, releasing the density of the cells and the blood lines of each person back into purity. She is bringing the heart and the head together not just in purification but in the activation of grace consciousness. Many experience this in her private and group sessions worldwide, where it’s common to see or feel beings of light surrounding her experiencing deep emotional healing and awakenings to their true divine connection with Source. She is a planetary Light Worker and travels the globe to many sacred sites helping anchor the Galactic Codes of Light and the Magdalene Crystalline Rose Line Energies. 
Julia received her initiation in Clear Light Healing in 2010. Within two weeks she healed herself from a severe Auto Immune Disease. Since then she dedicates her life to assists others on the path of awakening and ascension as well as forging her own journey to inner union. Julia internationally offers energy sessions, sacred site retreats, initiations, activations and training people to become Clear Light Healers themselves. 

While in London, Julia will be offering training in Clear Light Healing. Please scroll down for futher information or contact her directly.


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Soul Guide

Elaine Molloy is best described as an internationally renowned Soul Guide. Practising in both North America and Europe for over 20 years, she helps others with their physical, mental and emotional issues. The more she's helped others, the more she realised that all ailments have a spiritual component.

Elaine gently guides you to the root cause of your dis-ease, dis-comfort, and dis-harmony. She is a channel, mouthpiece and scribe for Spirit. She uses her abilities to co-create wellness, relationship harmony and life guidance.

In her own words:

"I am a seer. I see You. I see what holds you back, see your mine fields, your pitfalls, your blind spots, your potential, your abilities, your love and your highest ideals. I can walk you through the mine fields and the stumbling blocks to get you to the other side where the love and light create a magnificent and flowing life. A life where you have everything you could ever wish for and more!"




Counsellor and Pet Bereavement Expert

Samantha is a fully qualified counsellor and registered member of the British Association for Psychotherapy and Counselling (BACP). She trained in humanistic counselling at the renowned Gestalt Centre in London and prior to this worked for over 25 years as a campaigner for environmental, animal welfare and human rights organisations in the UK and also internationally.


As a published authority on the subject,

Samantha has personal experience and understanding of the deep sadness felt when a pet dies and offers Pet Bereavement Counselling to support those suffering the loss of a beloved animal.

For people who have loved and lost a pet, the grief can be every bit as strong and raw as that felt over the death of a human loved one. She believes that when we take an animal into our homes they become part of our family, and we mourn them in exactly the same way.

Often this grief can go unacknowledged by those around us who do not understand or recognise the validity of our pain. Samantha believes it is never 'just an animal'.

Grief around an animal dying can also sometimes be complicated by the fact that we may have had to euthanise our companion, which can lead to irrational feelings of guilt that we are somehow responsible for their death.


Holistic Practitioner/ The Body Code & Emotion Code

Using The Body Code™ as created by Dr Bradley Nelson and The Balance Procedure created by Jenny Cox I have discovered that you can create your ultimate Health and Happiness. These incredible techniques are simple and easy to use. They will teach you to how to take control back, for your own Life, Health and Wellbeing. It is said many times, in order to survive, we have to start a change process. This means sometimes having to let go, of old memories, habits, and other past traditions, that no longer benefit us. Only when we free ourselves from these past burdens, can we take advantage of the present, and move forward. Have a vision, remain focused, no matter what the obstacles are, and you will succeed.

Free your own Potential
Change that feeling of loss, frustration, anger, or worry. Instead, hold on to healthy relationships, find your purpose. It’s all possible. Now is the time to wake up everyday feeling Joy, rather than pain, or misery about your health, love life or career.
Try a session in the Emotion Code, Body Code and the Balance Procedure, see yourself change before your own eyes.



The Curated Spirit Services


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Your Inner Divine Child (session 1)
Divine Father  (session 2)

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Private One on One Reading & Healing

Samantha Arditti.jpg

Samantha Arditti

feb 1st divine father healing london jpe

Scheduled Delivery

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Session 1  Sat 1 Feb

The Curated Spirit Services

Exceeding Your Expectations

Beth Foley.jpg

Beth Foley

The Body Code and Body Balancing

Clearing Heart Walls and Trapped Emotions

£35 per 20 minute private session

Image by Annie Spratt

The Curated Spirit

 1 - 2 Feb 2020


Image by Nathan Dumlao

The Curated Spirit

1 - 2 Feb 2020



The Curated Spirit Services


Julia 4.jpg

Angelic Healing into Oneness (session 1)
Divine Mother - High Heart Healing (session 2)

Experience Freedom Within (session 1)
Divine Feminine Energy Awakened (session 2)

*Healing, Activation and Transmission for your inner freedom  *DNA upgrade *Experience union within *Angelic & Cosmic Healing Session

Sunday Feb. 2nd. 2020 
Time: 3:50 - 5:00 (session 1)

          5:10 - 6:20 (session 2)

Where:  Slice Urban Fitness

Cost: £ 55 cash or PayPal to julia.moton@googlemail.com via friends and family Please bring your yoga mat, pillow, blanket and water bottle.

Elaine Molloy.jpg

Private One on One Reading & Healing

Shifting to Higher Energy for a Better Life

Elaine is offering 1 hour reading/energy tune ins. This involves listening to your unique issues and then resolving them through intuition and guidance. She shifts your energy for better outcomes.

During your session, Elaine uses anything from medical intuition to psychic mediumship to help clients connect with their ancestors.

Sessions involve listening to your problems and concerns, then bringing in Divine guidance and clearing any issues using energy healing and metaphysical tools.

Sunday, 2 February 2020

Times:   3:30 - 4:30

              4:30 - 5:30

              5:30 - 6:30

Cost: £120  PayPal to molloy.paul@gmail.com

Samantha Arditti.JPG

Samantha Arditti

Pet Bereavement/ Other Area One on One Sessions

Please See Samantha's website for further information.



The Curated Spirit Services

Exceeding Your Expectations

Beth Foley.jpg

Beth Foley

The Body Code and Body Balancing

Clearing Heart Walls and Trapped Emotions

Beth will be offering private 20 minute one-on-one sessions following the seminar. Please contact her directly to book.

£35 per 20 minute session

Image by rotekirsche20

The Curated Spirit

1 - 2 Feb 2020


Image by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos

The Curated Spirit

1- 2 Feb 2020




Private Readings and Healings

Julia 1_edited_edited.jpg

Julia Moton


Feb 3rd, 2020  6pm - 9pm 

Location in London: will be announced with sign up.

Cost: £ 444

Cash or PayPal to julia.moton@googlemail.com via friends & family

THIS SEMINAR INCLUDES: *Activation of Hands *Self-Healing *Basic Techniques to heal others *Energetic Clearing of homes etc. *Healing animals *Distance Healing Clear Light healing brings harmony and alignment to the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of your being and everyone you give a healing to.

Clear Light Healing is pure and immediate, directing the highest vibrational frequencies of light for physical, mental and spiritual transformation. It will help align you with your unique life path and accelerate your own personal evolution. Clear Light Healing intensifies and expands all healing modalities.

For questions and sign up please contact: Julia julia.moton@gmail.com What’s app: +49 15253108835 A non refundable Deposit of £55 until Feb. 1st. is required to save your spot.

Elaine Molloy.jpg

Elaine Molloy


Please contact Elaine directly for further information. Thank you.

E-Mail: elainemolloyarch@gmail.com

Samantha Arditti.jpg

Samantha Arditti

Counsellor/ Pet Bereavement Expert

Samantha will be offering private counselling sessions following the seminar out of her private practice nearby, or appointments can be arranged for a further date. Please see her website and contact directly for further details.


Beth Foley


Beth can be contacted directly for in person or Skype sessions anytime. Please see her website for further details.



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