Your inner Divine Child

Deep Emotional Heart Healing  & Rebirth 

The inner Child is that part of us which is eternally loving, joyful, creative and  playful. It constantly reminds us of our divinity and guides us on our journey to reunite with Creator. However if you feel lack, unloved, unworthy, undeserving in any area of your life, it is quite possible that your inner Child is wounded. We continue to live with these wounds until one day we empower ourselves to heal these selflimiting beliefs and reclaim our inner Child back to wholeness.  ‣ Forgiveness ‣ Inner Child Healing ‣ Emotional  Heart Healing ‣ Awakening to true Self Love ‣ Rebirth 
When:  Feb. 1st. 2020 
Where:  Slice Urban Fitness
Time:  3:50 - 5:00
Cost:  £ 55,- cash or PayPal to via friends and family 
Other:  Please bring your yoga mat, pillow, blanket and water bottle.

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